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Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you for making the best Bombay Mix me and my family have ever tasted! We buy it in Sainsburys and can't get enough of it, so please don't change the recipe. And it's great that you're in Leicester too! Thanks

I'd just like to say your chilli and lemon potato grills are AMAZING! Kind regards

I have bought mine sold in 80g bags, these are no ordinary snacks - these are so good that eating a bag in one sitting is just too easy. If you like your crisps or snacks with a bit of a kick then these are very much under the radar for most people.

No fancy & patronising advertising, no glamorous colours or excessive packaging - just great texture, flavour & value. Really not too unhealthy either, at 30g a portion, this is lots as they are very light, they work out at just 4 weight watchers points !!!! Do yourself a favour & try them .. and then go and try other items from Cofresh .. :)

I am totally addicted to these coconut bars. I first had them last summer from Tesco and still buy them now. A very, very tasty alternative to the Bounty Bar. I've only just decided to read the wrapper and find out about it so I'm now going to tell everyone that these little packs of coconut are sheer heaven so go and try one....:-) I dare you!!!!!!. I'd be interested to know someone else's opinion of them as my review was first. Ta ra I'm off to eat some more coconut and when I run out I'll buy a whole box from Amazon:-)

Peter Mantell
Hi, I absolutely adore your spicy Balti mix which I buy in the 325g bags and this is just to plead with you... don't ever stop making it!!!

I have enjoyed a variety of foodstuffs over the years which unfortunately have disappeared from the shelves. I would hate that this one did too. It is by far and away the tastiest balti mix on the market - and I've tried a fair few of them!

Hi, My name is Pam and I am writing to you from Western Australia regarding your Lentil Chips - Chilli & Lemon Flavour.

I would like you to know that these chips are absolutely delicious and I will definitely be spreading the word!! Tasty and non greasy, we really enjoyed the chips with  a hummus dip, what other flavours are available?

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